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Best Russian Sex (collection) Клипы И Фильмы!!!!

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Our girl asks in the ass, but in deeper / HD 720p ( RUSSIA )

Genre: Anal, All Sex, Toys

Starring: Lela

Year: 2012

Lela was so horny as he used a vibrator on her sweet little bald pussy. She begged for him to fuck her as he taunted and teased her clit. As he stuffed his cock into her pussy, she pleasured herself on his big dick. Then he rammed it up her ass and Lela rode on top of him with his giant cock stuffed in his ass. Finally he released a fury of cum all over her face.

The Format:   MP4

Duration: 00:29:43

The Size of a file:     1.03 GB

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Nastrelyal sperm in the ass Russian beauty / HD 720p

Genre: Anal, All Sex, Anal

Cast: Moira

Year: 2012

Moira took his huge cock in her ass as she was on her hands and knees and got rammed hard from behind. She then climbed on top of his lap and rode him with him buried firmly into her little asshole. She rode him wildly until she made herself cum and then he finally came by giving her a dripping wet anal creampie

The Format:   MP4

Duration: 00:30:44

The Size of a file: 972 MB

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Lyuska trudges from anal, especially with black / HD 720p ( RUSSIA )

Genre: Anal, All Sex

Starring: Lucie

Year: 2012

Lucie got her first taste of black cock as he stuffed his ebony meat in her mouth. She could barely take him down her throat as he was so well hung. Then he slipped into her pussy and tore that little snatch up with his monster ebony dick. Lucie then took him in the ass where she could barely tolerate his thick girth.

The Format: MP4

Duration:   00:33:23

The Size of a file: 1 GB

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Russian little girl craves deep anal / HD 720p

Genre: Anal, All Sex

Starring: Nikky

Year: 2011

Nikky is a white teen who has never had a black cock before. She was nervous when she saw him pull that huge ebony dick out of his pants and her eyes went wide. She took him in her mouth and swallowed that big black dick. Then he stuffed it right in her ass as she got a stretching like never before. She was anal reamed until he finally blew his cumshot all over her pretty little face.

The Format:   MP4

Duration:   00:31:23

The Size of a file: 1.04 GB

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In dismissing ran to RUSSIAN GIRL!

Year: 2009

Genre: Teens, Oral, Blowjob, Classical Sex

Description: The soldier on leave ran on to the local tea, young on the doorstep became fuck her with pleasure!!

The Format: WMV

Duration: 00:19:08

The Size of a file: 192 MB … halave.wmv … halave.wmv

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Amazons Prefer Vikings ( RUSSIA )

Year: 2008

Genre: Feature, Anal, DP

Directed by: Bob Jack

Studio: Tanya Tanya

Film Starring: Tanya Tanya, Elena Berkova (Velvet Angel) ...

Description: Lena Berkova, Tanya-Tanya and the rest of the most beautiful girls Russian porn beginning XXI-century, which then became the wives of petroleum oligarchs and British Lords. Most depraved and sexy chicks and no such matter who did not want to fuck. Exactly as they were when that was only beginning its pornokareru.

The Format: AVI

Duration: 93 minutes.

The Size of a file: 699 MB … ikings.avi

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Little Russian ToySluts

Year film: 2013

The film is released: USA / Evil Playgrounds

Movie Genres: Gonzo, Teens

The film stars: Aksinya, Aliya, Elysee, Hailey, Petra

Briefly about porn movie: Hot Russian Teen girlies visit the toystore for a dildolicious adventure!!

The Format:   MP4

Duration: 02:00:58

The Size of a file: 824,72 Mb

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Eugene Onegin [2004, XXX video, DVDRip] ( RUSSIA )

  Year: 2004  

  Genre: orgy, oral, lesbians, anal, group sex.

  Country: Russia

  Studio: SP Company SPb

  Description: "... all of us, so friends mow years. Such, alas, is the law of nature ...", "My uncle is the most honest rules when not in jest was sick ... so the girls in the morning tucked ..." Who thought - well done! And we have - the other end! Classic - classic, but it is necessary to know the measure, in the sense of reality. Who has not read in school - apparently have not read it, therefore offer their version of the landmark works. Dance, that is fuck all. Maybe to Do perelistnete still the original? ...
  Cast: Vadim Muromtsev Galina Galkina, Nikolai Stavrogin, Stepan Skvortsov, Boris Vasiliev and others ...

The Format: MPEG

Duration: 2:07:46

The Size of a file: 741 MBЕО.rar

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Petersburg whores (RUSSIA )

Year: 2008

Country: Russia

Genre: All Sex

Director: Nestor Petrovich

Starring: Katja, Igor, Marina, Natasha, Alex, Sveta, Masha, Galya, Ira, Cun, Yin, Vyn, Yan, Anfisa, Dima.

Description: In this porn film takes tour of Russian brothels where leading tour tells all elements use sex services. Many tourists who come to Peter not only willing to get acquainted with dostoprimichatelnostyami city and its architecture, but also with its brothels and the inhabitants of these brothels.

The Format: AVI

Duration: 01:50:59

The Size of a file: 699 MB

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Russian Girls Home Alone

Year film: 2012

Film released: Screw My Wife Productions

Movie Genres: Masturbation, Russian

Film shot: Ivan Tofuk

The film stars: Adele, Alie, Courtika, Emanuela, Gabriela, Ivlina, Lana, Safire

Briefly about porn movie: Now that the cold war is over these chicks are heated up.

The Format: MP4

Duration:   01:50:14

The Size of a file: 906,77 Mb … _Alone.mp4

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Mudischev Luke (2000) [DVDRip, erotic] ( RUSSIA )

Year: 2000

Country: Russia

Studio: SP Company

Language: Russian

Actors: Roman Trachtenberg Stepanina Eldyrina, Ekaterina Morozova, Sasha St. Petersburg, Polina Polyanskaya Leonid Gudkov, Natalya Vasilyeva, Marina Kuvaldina Daria Drozheva Cyril Telegin, Andrew & T, Eugene Korn, Nicholas Black, Roman Strelets, Dmitry Lebedev, Alexei Meshcherskiy

genre: Erotic

Description: Based on the poem by I.S.Barkova. This work of the early 19th century, despite its frankness and even vulgarity, without a doubt is a component of the treasury Russian literature. In 2000, Roman Trachtenberg, Tatiana Thai and Sergey Wolf shifted this work on video.

The Format:   AVI

Duration:   01:56:14

The Size of a file: 756 MB   


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Shaved Teens from Russia #12 (2014)

Year: 2014

Country: United States.

Genre: Russian Girls, Anal, Cream Pie, Shaved, Gonzo, Hardcore, All Sex.

Starring: Zarina, Veiki, Carre, Eva, Peachy.

Directed by: N. / A.

Studio: Evil Playgrounds.

Description: Beautiful young teens Spreading her legs in tight fuck juicy shaved pussy!

The Format: MP4.

Duration: 01:55:24.

The Size of a file: 637,94 Mb … sia_12.mp4

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Little Russian whores

Year film: 2012

Film released: Dirty Laundry Pictures / Juicy Entertainment, Europe

Movie Genres: Gonzo, Anal, Legal Teen, Foreign, Russian Girls

Film shot: Danny G.

The film stars: Katrina, Kelly Young, Salina Fine, Tracy Lyons

Made In Russia! There is nothing like a little Russian whore. They look so innocent but they will suck and fuck you like a good little whore should. Watch as these little Russians get fucked in their pussies and their asses. How can these girls look so adorable and at the same time be such nasty whores. I think I'm moving to Russia!

The Format: AVI

Duration:   01:07:19

The Size of a file: 696 Mb

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Our girl trains on black cock / HD 720p

Genre: All Sex

Starring: Tera

Year: 2011

Tera has a sweet little bald pussy that she let him lick as she got all aroused and turned on. She then attempted to suck on his monster black dick as it gagged her throat. Her pussy then got pierced by his huge girth and she was split in two by his gigantic ebony cock. She loved his long length hitting all the right spots and swallowed his milk chocolate cum load.

The Format: MP4

Duration: 00:31:31

The Size of a file: 991 MB

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Fucked by a cute little girl Muzychko ( RUSSIA)

Genre: All Sex, Oral, Teen

Description: While cute girly bulling on the phone, worried drischugan matzo her thighs and brazenly climbed crumbs in panties. The little girl had to tie with talk to attend to meet until he told her all belishko not sperm and tore all the angles are not smeared.

The Format: WMV

Duration: 00:23:47

The Size of a file: 127 MB … _music.wmv … _music.wmv

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For a gift rode in tight anus leggy girlfriend. ( RUSSIA )

Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal.

Description: The girl did not break even, received a gift from a friend in home theater ... and more members of neat ass.

The Format: AVI

Duration: 00.25.38

The Size of a file: 233 MB

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Sweet girl [Compilation]   ( RUSSIA )

Genre: Compilation

Description: Dulce was shot in 2010, but remained as it is not visible and already forgotten, although finishing her ass and mouth took desperately while smiling so cute, I hope there will be fans of her work.

The Format: WMV

Duration:   00:08:36

The Size of a file: 271 MB … lation.wmv … lation.wmv

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Orgy of Russian students in the sauna

Description: A group of young Russian girls students invited their classmates to go along with them in the sauna where the girls are so relaxed and drank alcohol that at one point agreed to have sex with them. All video was filmed on amateur video and girls probably could not imagine that their video hits the Internet.

Year: 2011

Genre: Big Tits, Classic, Group

The Format: WMV

Duration:   00:26:41

The Size of a file: 501 MB

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Humiliation for the guy

  Year production: 2013.

  Page Rossio

  Blowjob, Cuckold, Femdom, Humiliation, Teen, Hairy, Threesome, Russian

Description: The imperious woman, flimsy once again severely degrade bovine boyfriend, this time it leads to the first comer in spalenke Man and surrendering this macho in every bezstyzhnuyu norochku allows humiliation guy completely undercut her tongue complete stranger death tight pussy.

The Format: WMV

Duration: 00:14:48

The Size of a file: 333MB

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[Cumshot] Beautiful Slovyanka!  ( RUSSIA )

Genre: Compilation

Description: If you read my description to the rollers about domestic actresses, I have often admired the beauty of it goes to wonder why the Russian beauty has remained unknown. But Ivan was able, she started with a Tartar, but grew up and swept across many famous European and American members of the studio and even shot for Brazzers (albeit with thereby Tatar) except Mandy Dee of Russian like there's no shot

The Format: WMV

Duration: 00:11:27

The Size of a file: 393 MB … lation.wmv … lation.wmv

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broke luxury maid

Year: 2008

Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP

Description: cleaning rooms, a beautiful young maid thought about the beautiful ... and obdrochilsya. It was at this point in my room looked two boys and slain beauty skaters whores, decided to make a nice little girl. Two healthy members, for the most eggs vsazhennye immediately to both girls' holes, were precisely the gift which dreamed suchonka worried.

The Format: WMV

Duration: 00:26:27

The Size of a file: 402 MB

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Hamadryas and skinny ass young girlie

Year production: 2007.

Genre: All Sex, Oral.

Description: Young lesbian igrami.Tut girly warming up in the little room who then launched a huge hairy Faker and one without asking permission first simpotyazhki piled in her mouth and then began his club in their neat ass attach a monster because of the current girls ... this approach very congenial.

The Format: AVI

Duration: 00.29.27

The Size of a file: 229 MB

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Two brothers in the ass girl (RUSSIA)

Year: 2008

Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP, DAP, Creampie

staring into the bathroom cute kid and watching her, his nadrachival nemerjannyh Eldina beautiful little bitch decided to attend to tease and began to masturbate. Well, slut Got Game. When she came out of her bathroom were waiting just two guy shnyagi already smoked in anticipation of a good fucking. As a result, the baby not only cruelly trekked with two members in the ass, but also to point nakonchal.

The Format: AVI

Duration:   00:27:23

The Size of a file: 270 MB … ion_57.avi … ion_57.avi

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lure  young stripper and tore  ass foursome

A young krasotulka-striptizerka spun at  room for private-tantsev.Stroynoe body invitingly bent, showing off all the amazing girls' prelesti.Chetvero overexcited guys looked at this celebration of flesh and drooled on ZhELANIYa.Zadumav, by all means, simpotyazhka  young guys built a little girl, inviting her to the mountain babla.Ta not resist, as a result of worn out with the expectation of pedophiles pounced on her tight ass in the four bow

The Format: AVI

Duration: 00.26.18

The Size of a file: 374 MB   

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Olya - Russian Girl in the Ass

The Format: AVI

Duration: 26:54

The Size of a file: 380 MB   

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punished for the shedding of vodka

A young girl was drinking at a party at parnya.Sperva for familiarity, , and then just had a drink and then ... a little tipsy  spilled vodka parnyaga furious and began to  swearing Kroshka first stop moaning and requested , then got used Nitsche-and even became podmahivat.

The Format: AVI

Duration: 00:21:17

The Size of a file: 161 MB

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Russian Brunette  in Black Stockings

The Format:   AVI

Duration: 17:25

The Size of a file: 282 MB

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Beautiful seduced Director

Tiny krasivenko readily agreed to the proposal elements, seduce the director of the school. After a while .......

The Format:   WMV

Duration: 00:28:47

The Size of a file: 209 MB

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Sexy Russian Threesome Anal

The Format: AVI

Duration: 25:06

The Size of a file: 343 MB

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Brunette Russian  Like Hardcore

The Format:   AVI

Duration: 18:08

The Size of a file: 247 MB

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